May 2021 - Now Stocking Photontek LED Grow Lights! - Indoor Farmer

We are very excited to add another quality selection of Grow Lights to our line-up. Photontek has come into the market extremely strong with their high quality, high efficiency LED's for a fantastic price.

These lights are already on display in our retail stores, and have quickly generated great feedback among both staff and customers. Currently there are 465W and 600W models available, perfect for 4'X4' and 5'X5' grow tents, with 300W models coming soon!

Photontek fixtures come with a remote dimmer, for easily adjusting light output to match your plants growth stage. They also have extension cables available to remotely locate your power supply for customers with issues managing heat. Finally, a controller is also available for light timing, output and includes sunrise/sunset options.

For More Information on Photontek, check them out HERE!

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