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Ten years ago a failed cancer-fighting technology was discovered by some agricultural entrepreneurs. They recognized it has a remarkable alternative application to pest mitigation. At its core, it is equipped with micelle nanotechnology, surfactants, and colloidal chemistry. It's compatible with all other products including sulfur. It will not cause any phytotoxicity or any type of burn and it will not clog or flood the stomata. It's use as a fungicide works through membrane disruption of the cell wall, it causes the cells to leak out killing the mold or mildew. as well as surface acting agents citric acid and guar gum. The citric acid acts as a desiccant to dry out the cellular membrane, and the guar gum blocks the anchor sites of the mold and mildew preventing it from growing for up to ten days. 

PureCrop1 is currently utilized on many agricultural crops and plants such as grapes, peppers, berries, and medical herbs with extremely successful field verification and testimonies.

PureCrop1 delivers much greener vibrant plant health and mildew insect resistance characteristics (indoor & outdoor).

PureCrop1 leaves zero toxic residue Agricultural Information

  • PureCrop1 has proven to be an extremely valuable and effective formula that maximizes the plant or crop immune system.
  • Safety treats and effectively resolves a variety of problems that cause crop damage, including powdery mildew, insects, larva, and other associated unhealthy issues affecting valuable crops and plants.
  • Proven to increase Brix levels in plants and crops with resulting increases in crop yield and health.
  • Extremely Safe for indoor / outdoor use and exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25b regulations.
  • Full disclosure SDS sheet – Natural Ingredients – Exempt from California Prop 65 regulations.
  • Eliminates the hazard residues of toxic crop chemicals.
  • No gloves, masks or special safety equipment is required. Use of protective eye goggles is always recommended. DO NOT use toxic insecticides or pesticides when treating plants or crops with this product.

Dilute 64:1 (2 oz per one gallon of clean water)

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