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Medi-One is derived from The Atlantic Menhaden which is a small herring-like fish. They're often called the most important fish in the sea because they play a vital role in the marine ecosystem. They're primarily filter feeders consuming phytoplankton and zooplankton. The name menhaden is a derivative of the word “munnawhatteaug,” which means fertilizer in Algonquian. Historically Native American Peoples have been using Menhaden as fertilizer for food crops. Medi-One is Green planets one part start to finish all-natural plant nutrient Formulated with readily available macroelements and microelements. Medi-One will deliver immediate results, It's fully organic and it's OMRI certified. When using this product, you can expect to see vigorous vegetative growth and vibrant floral production. Green Planet recommends using 10-30ML per gallon of water pertaining to the plants specific stage of growth. We always suggest starting with a quarter or half-strength nutrient while determining your plants unique needs. 

In the flowering phase use Green Planets Massive Bloom

It's recommended to reduce Medi-One by 25% during this phase and water with 10-15% runoff to ensure the nutrient doesn't build up in the medium. 

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