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CANNA Coco substrate is a renewable and eco-friendly solution to all your gardening needs. Growing with CANNA  coco will afford you many benefits. This includes a greater air to water ratio which allows you to apply more frequent irrigations to your garden. This is why coco coir is a preferred grow medium while using drip irrigation. CANNA has earned a reputation around the world for the quality and most importantly consistency of their coco. For this reason, CANNA coco proudly displays the dutch stamp "RHP" which represents the highest standard of horticultural quality. This means CANNA Coco is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process. which does not include steam treating because this can alter the overall structure and quality of the coco coir. The fact that CANNA Coco is not steamed is not the only thing that distinguishes it from other substrates; this is also achieved by the use of pure, first-class source materials. This comes from India, where CANNA’s production facilities use freshwater only to soak the coco. This is to make sure no salts get in contact with CANNA Coco, ensuring a clean product. We've tested the PH and TDS of CANNA coco right out of the bag on multiple occasions, the results were a PH of 6 and TDS of 0 PPM.  


The benchmarks for quality coco medium are:

  • physical structure
  • chemical stability
  • free of foreign seeds, pests, and pathogens
  • consistency
  • PH buffered 
  • 0 TDS

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