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  • GET STARTED FAST using gravity fed Blumats with our thorough setup directions – no need for electricity or plumbing. Simply fill your reservoir, prepare your stakes, and tune them in to have your own automated, moisture sensing watering system.
  • NO OVER OR UNDERWATERING Blumat systems give each plant the individual amount of water that it needs to survive. The porous ceramic stake sense moisture; as the growing medium dries, the stopper releases and water is slowly allowed through the drip tubing. As the moisture level around the stake rises the stopper pushes the tube closed, stopping the flow of water.
  • MADE IN AUSTRIA with the highest grade of ceramic materials and engineering technology available. Knockoff products will not stand the test of time and will fail, resulting in flooding and damaged plants.
  • PRACTICAL AND DEPENDABLE Blumats are great for vacations, long business trips, or even gardeners looking to reduce the burden of large gardens. Let Blumat watering stakes be your plant sitter, giving you peace of mind that your plants will be watered properly.
  • NO WATER PUMPS are necessary, so your plants will get the water they need to survive in remote locations and during power outages. You will never have to worry about a pump failing.
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