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Organic molasses is a unique biostimulating material that can be a very beneficial input in your garden to promote the health and vitality of your soil. Molasses provides an effective, available source of carbon energy and carbohydrates to feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms so your soil life will flourish to create greater natural soil fertility. Molasses is loved by bacteria and, therefore, can be a catalyst for crop residue breakdown which is carried out by our bacterial friends in the soil.

Not only can organic molasses provide a food (sugar) source for microbes, but it also contains many trace and ultra-trace minerals. This is a critical factor because a balanced and consistent supply of trace minerals is essential for microbes to survive and thrive. The micro-nutrients and other nutrients contained in molasses are available for quick uptake by your plants, simply because they are derived from a plant. This is especially important for the microbes that depend on trace minerals as catalysts in order to produce enzymes that enable critical biochemical transformations.

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