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Urban Gardening: How to Grow Your Own Food in an Apartment

Urban Gardening: How to Grow Your Own Food in an Apartment

Many Canadians find gardening both a healthy and relaxing hobby. You not only get exercise, but also have the option of growing your own fresh produce! You are also being independent and self-sufficient in a small, but valuable way. If you are an apartment dweller, you might be able to convince the landlord to let you use part of the property for a vegetable garden.

If not, don’t despair: you can safely grow food indoors without excess fuss or muss. Also, unlike plants and vegetables grown outdoors, your dwelling provides year-round climate control. Winter can no longer limit you to only six of twelve months. Enjoy staples like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, sage, rosemary, and basil whenever you like! 

Horizontal to Vertical

When growing fruits and vegetables outdoors, it is customary to use gardens or fields. These are, of course, horizontal and sometimes quite huge. Space is an issue when gardening in an apartment, so the solution was to create alternative vertical systems. These fully utilize the area available near the windows, allowing the plants to get all of the benefits of natural light.

Container Gardens

The most basic way to start growing food in your apartment is with a container garden. Apartment dwellers can choose containers with several grow sections connected together into a tower structure. This allows them to make optimal use of limited space and have more than just a series of single plants taking up more surface area.

Get Hooked on Hydroponics

If you are ready for something more involved, hydroponics is a popular system that allows one to grow plants without soil using a liquid nutrient solution. The result is plants that grow faster and offer greater yields. Maintaining a hydroponics system requires a bit more work as it requires a nutrient solution and reservoir, a grow tray, a delivery system, a pump, an airstone, and growing medium. However, once established, hydroponic systems are easy to maintain. It is also generally not difficult to expand a basic system. 

You can choose a hydroponic system as varied or simple as you prefer.

As with container gardens, vertical setups ensure the plants get the natural light they need and take up less space. Indoor Farmer has the equipment and expertise to get you started. Our knowledgeable staff will instruct you on the basics of hydroponics, while also helping you be creative and maximize the growth potential of your unit.

Apartments that face towards the South provide the best opportunities for indoor growing, but even less ideal setups have possibilities that are well worth exploring. In fact, you never how your indoor gardening may progress. A New York apartment dweller used a sub-irrigation system to create a Living Wall! Not only does she now have an amazing, green environment, it is also a healthier living space as some of the plants actually remove toxins from the air!

Ready to start growing food in your apartment? Visit Indoor Farmer today or call us at 519-886-9200.


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