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AgroLED iSunlight T5 Replacement LED Lamps

The 41 or 21 watt 5,500°K T5 HO replacement LED lamps are an excellent choice for the propagation and veg cycles of your plants life. The iSunlight® T5 lamps are an intelligent LED that is specifically designed to work with your existing T5 fluorescent fixture. The iSunlight 4 foot lamp produces over 5,100 lumens with only 41 watts of consumed power and the 2 foot lamp produces over 2,400 lumens with only 21 watts of consumed power. These are environmentally friendly and mercury free lamps. No need for a reflector as the chips are directionally placed down. Less wattage with more output makes the AgroLED bulbs a great choice for T5 replacements! .

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

CVault - The World’s Smartest Curing & Storage Containers

These very popular storage and curing containers are widely used by Growers and Dispensaries as they will save the weight of your product over time. The thick silicone rings ensures an airtight seal. A built in pack holder that's specially designed to hold your Boveda packs. Controls air, light and humidity. Durable food grade safe stainless steel. Multiple latch design locks in product freshness. Wide mouth design for easy access. Comes with the Boveda pack(s) for perfect curing!

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE! 

Cyco Nutrients

Cyco Nutrients is now our best selling nutrient line with amazing feedback from our customers! With 100% pharmaceutical grade sourced ingredients, this guarantees a purity of 99.8% with no heavy metals, manufacturing by-products, or fillers left in your end product. With the purity of this line, growers from around the world find it has the least amount of build up left in their irrigation lines and equipment. The result is a spectacularly clean, efficient and potent product allowing growers from around the world to have the purest plants Mother Nature and science allows.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

HLG 550

HLG550 indoor horticulture LED Lamp is designed to replace a single ended 1000W HID . Each lamp uses 4 custom designed, high efficiency white light Quantum Boards. With a total of 1152 Top Bin Samsung LM561C S6 LED's, this fixture produces 1160 PPF with just 510 Watts. Able to cover a recommended 6'x6' Veg area and a 4.5’x4.5’ flower area.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

Current Culture UC Solo Pro 4

The revolutionary Under Current system was designed to deliver prolific yields, quality and increased efficiency to produce your best harvest yet. Made from the highest grade commercial components, the Under Current system is the perfect 4 plant hydroponic system. Designed to take less maintenance then other hydroponic systems while keeping your nutrients fresher, longer.

Now available in store! 

Current Culture UC Solo Pro 4


Solutions for a sustainable future. We believe that gardening, especially hydroponics, will be what we need in the present and future to obtain healthy-organic food, lower food costs, achieve a more sustainable society, and provide fresh produce at any time of the year.

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