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January 2019 - Supreme Rosin Filter Bags and Pre-Press Molds!

Indoor Farmer is now stocking Supreme Rosin filter bags and pre-press molds! Supreme Rosin is a local company from London Ontario who make high quality but affordable filter bags for all your squishing needs. These bags come with a lifetime warranty and we are proud to stock them in both locations!

Check out the Filter Bags HERE! and the Pre-Press Molds HERE!

January 2019 - Permaclone Sterilizable Clone Collars now Available!

These collars are the worlds FIRST sterilizable clone collars! They are extremely durable and can be sterilized in just a few minutes. We are super excited to partner with Permaclone and move away from inferior disposable collars. These collars fit TurboKloner, OxyClone, CloneKing and many more 2" collars systems.

Available in store and online! Check them out  HERE!

January 2019 - True Terpenes Strain Profiles

So many customers mentioned these items, we had to have them. True Terpene Strain Profiles are the concentrated essence of your favorite strains in the palm of your hand. Strain profiles are blended from the highest quality botanical terpenes available and are designed to replicate the effect of the strain which they are named after. The staff picked out their favorite strains and they are now in stock for purchase!

Available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

January 2019 - Mammoth Pro Mini Propagator Tents

These 3ft x 2ft x 2ft propagator tents are the perfect size at an amazing price. They come with a strong frame with 19mm steel poles and high quality corners and connectors. Each tent has multiple inlets and outlets for flexible installation. Get your next batch started right while you clean up your main tent in these handy new propagator tents.

Now available in store and online! Check them out  HERE!

January 2019 - Indoor Farmer Stratford is Now Open!

After months of hard work our second location has opened its doors! All the same great products and service you know and love at Indoor Farmer Waterloo is now available in Stratford Ontario. Drop in and have a look around, we designed this store from the ground up to be the best hydroponics store in Canada!

Visit our Contact Us Page for Address and Contact Information!

January 2019 - California Light Works LED

After careful consideration, Indoor Farmer is bringing in a brand new lineup of LED grow lights from California Light Works! The SolarXtreme series represents a fantastic value and are perfectly suited for the tent & small growers. The SolarXtreme lights are full spectrum and available in three different sizes. We expect our first shipment around mid-February, display models will be available in both Waterloo and Stratford locations at that time.

For More Information on the SolarXtreme, check them out HERE!

California Light Works SolarXtreme Series


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