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Bokashi Organic Products and Composters

Indoor Farmer is now selling Good Green Earth Company Organic Products, including the "My Good Green™ Compost System" which is an amazing alternative to the mess of the green bin, enabling you to create your own organic compost at home. The system can take everything you would normally put in your green bin and breaks it down in a fraction of the time without smelly odours or bugs. Within weeks, you have everything you need for nutrient-rich soil that will grow stronger, healthier plants!

Good Green Earth Products available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

Stepwell Super Soil and Microbes

Stepwell Super Soil is aged with unique StepWell Soil HP-W Mix. This provides a superior no till base with flexibility for nutrient input based on grower demands from start to finish. It Can be used as a vegetative top dress, tea and plug and play super soil that requires a clean water source free of chlorine.

With Stepwell EM1 the life of your soil increases and it helps break down amendments even faster, in turn the plant will be able to feed more. This product was created and inspired by Korean farming techniques. The microbes are a lactobacillus that are formed from rice wash and milk then preserved in molasses.

Due to product size and weight, this item is only available in stores.

Stepwell Super Soils and Microbes

EZ-Clone Classic 9-Site Systems

The new EZ-Clone® Classic 9 has been made from fully recyclable HDPE which highly chemically resistant and extremely durable. Now has leak resistant cord outlet that allows for multiple cords. Also has a specially designed recessed drain that allows for high protection and easy draining. These are just some of the 75 plus improvements designed specifically to make cloning even easier.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

Smokus Focus "The Middleman" Magnifying Jars

The Smokus Focus Middleman is an extremely popular selling display jar. With an ideal viewing and storage capacity of between 1/8 to 1/4 oz, the Smokus Focus jar combines the perfect combination of magnification and hyper-bright LED lights to create an unparalleled and riveting flower viewing experience.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

Hydro-Logic Go Green Filters

Compact garden hose filter. Eco-friendly green coconut carbon and KDF55 medias. Includes “filter saver” brass hose bib connector. Customized flow restrictor allows ideal contact time with filtration media to maximize reduction of chlorine, tastes and odors, sediment, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, and rust and iron particles. KDF media inhibits bacterial growth. Fast flow rates of up to 2 GPM and has long filter life of 8,000 Gallons. Recyclable plastic

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

Levo II Oil Infuser

Designed to streamline oil infusion, the LEVO 2 offers the same automated dry herb extraction of its predecessor but comes with new features and upgraded technology. Boasting three settings in one machine, the LEVO II now unlocks flavor, aroma, and more before infusion begins. An upgraded silicone stirrer gently mixes without aerating, ensuring longer shelf life. A slanted, ceramic-coated reservoir enables you to seamlessly wick out your infusions. Control your sessions via the LEVO app, going beyond infusion with the push of a button.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

TightVac Vacuum Sealed Containers

TightVac is a patented vacuum-sealed food storage container that keeps items fresh up to 3x longer than conventional containers. Available in four sizes and mixed colours.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE! 

Zen Zinger Gummy Making Kit

Zen Zingers™ let you customize your edibles experience. You decide the strength of the edible and what cannabinoids it contains (you might make your own mix of CBD and THC.)

Here’s the rundown. You buy a kit and then you buy cannabis oil from a legal source (in Canada). In legal states in the USA you can use clear, flavorless distillate. Make sure it is in a graduated oral syringe as it is an exact way of measuring and serving the distillate in your recipe.

The kit contains everything you need to make 15 perfect little gummies. Available in four flavors; Raspberry, Mango, Grapefruit and Cherry. Refill kits available as well!

Now available in store and online! Check them out  HERE!


Solutions for a sustainable future. We believe that gardening, especially hydroponics, will be what we need in the present and future to obtain healthy-organic food, lower food costs, achieve a more sustainable society, and provide fresh produce at any time of the year.

Skid pricing is available!

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