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March 2020 - BioCanna Organic Nutrients In Stock!

BIOCANNA is CANNA's organic line of fertilizer products. BIOCANNA products are 100% organic and meet all requirements for organic farming. These products make the perfect addition to a nutrient dense super soil for both indoor and outdoor growers!

For More Information on BioCanna, check them out HERE!

February 2020 - Equinox 660 Model Release

The new 320 watt model of our best selling Equinox 1000 is now available! Featuring all the high tech features of the Equinox 1000, the 660 is designed for maximizing the potential of a 2'X4' or 3'X3' grow space, although customers report impressive results from larger 4'X4' grow spaces as well. Canadian made, fully dimmable and backed by a 5-year warranty, don't miss out on these workhorse LED grow lights.

Check out the new Equinox 660 HERE!

January 2020 - Grow Classes Are Here!

We will begin offering grow classes monthly at our waterloo location. Tickets &  information available in store, or Sign Up for our monthly newsletter for details. Andrew West will be presenting our grow classes, he has over a decade of experience as a medical cannabis grower and is the manager of our Waterloo store.

Our first session will be on the basics of grow tents and indoor growing, on January 14th from 6:00 - 7:00PM

December 2019 - Now Stocking Aerogarden!

Just in time for Christmas! Give the gift of growing with Aerogarden's simple hydroponics grow systems. Have fresh herbs available all winter long with their countertop hydro system. The Aerogarden Herbie is perfect for introducing kids to hydroponic growing and plant care, while the Harvest and Sprout models will let you have fresh herbs at the ready for the food lover in your life.

Available in store and online! Check them out HERE!

November 2019 - Now Stocking Canna!

Over and over we heard of the benefits of Canna coco and nutrients so we had to test it ourselves. We brought in one bag of Canna coco and tested the EC of the runoff and we were impressed! We have never seen a perfect 0 EC before from any off the shelf coco, so we tested all the coco in store to be sure! We were so impressed we brought in the entire coco nutrient line as well! 

Now available in store and online! Check them out  HERE!

October 2019 - C-Vaults Are Back!

CVaults are back in stock, and prices are lower then ever. Just in time for croptober we restocked our C-Vaults in a big way. Made of food grade stainless steel, these are the best cannabis curing and storage containers on the market. Each unit comes with a Boveda humidity pack stored neatly under the lid and out of the way to keep your CVaults humidity at a perfect 62%.

Now available in store and online! Check them out HERE!


Solutions for a sustainable future. We believe that gardening, especially hydroponics, will be what we need in the present and future to obtain healthy-organic food, lower food costs, achieve a more sustainable society, and provide fresh produce at any time of the year.

Skid pricing is available!

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