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If you're thinking of air pruning pots consider Rhizo Pots - great performers against rocket pots and air pots and at a fraction of the price. A Rhizo Pot is a fabric pot which allows extra aeration in the root zone, for rapid root growth and better root health. All pots are black and self-supporting. Sizes 16L and above have handles. Rhizo Pot fabric pots are BPA free.


Rhizo Pots are breathable fabric plant containers "air prune" your plants' roots when they reach the end of the container. The air root pruning process forces the roots to branch out with more fibrous feeder roots which are much more efficient in taking up water and nutrients. The very durable geotextile fabric is porous, allowing air into the root zone and provides great drainage creating a healthy environment for the roots.


We have trialed Rhizo pots against regular round plastic pots (and "geopots"), and the results are impressive. Our tomato planted in the fabric pot grew faster and healthier than the regular pot, with the overall size around 50% larger. Combine this with the fact Rhizo pots can be reused after being washed, they are definitely one of the best pots available.


Handles sit 2" above the rim of the fabric pot

RhizoPot Fabric Pot 1 Gal / Width 6-3/4" / Height 8-1/2"

Rhizopot Fabric Pot 2 Gal / Width 8" / Height 8-1/4"

Rhizopot Fabric Pot 3 Gal / Width 9-3/4" Height 10-1/2"

Rhizopot Fabric Pot 5 Gal / Width 12" / Height 10-1/4"

Rhizo Fabric Pot 7 Gal / Width 13-3/4" / Height 10-5/8"

Rhizo Fabric Pot 10 Gal / Width 16" / Height 12"

Rhizo Fabric Pot 15 Gal / Width 19" / Height 12-1/2"

Rhizo Fabric Pot 20 Gal / Width 20-1/2" / Height 16-1/2"

Rhizo Pot Pot 30 Gal / Width 23-1/4" / Height 16-3/4"

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