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Our PRO-MIX Mycorrhizal Inoculant is a highly concentrated formulation designed to help professional growers to CONNECT and improve the value of their crops.

Based on the growth cycle of plants, it is intended to be applied at key moments to ensure a quick connection in order to establish an extra radicular network. The extended root system resulting from the symbiotic relationship allows to enhance water and nutrient uptake, resulting in stronger, healthier crops.

With the PRO-MIX® Mycorrhizal Inoculant, get outstanding results from a cutting-edge technology. Pro-Mix CONNECT features over 6000 viable spores of Glomus Intaradices per gram while leading competitors offer only 10 to 1000 viable spores per gram, or worse, some products utilize the cheaper ectomycorrhizal inoculant that has no proven benefit to cannabis cultivation.


  • Reduces transplant shock and stress
  • Access more nutrient and water
  • Faster nutrient and water uptake
  • Better nutrient use
  • Shorter vegetative time

Active Ingredients - MYCORRHIZAE

  • Improves fertilizer uptake; reduces fertilizer costs
  • Increases the resistance of plant to stresses; reduces maintenance costs
  • Optimizes results without changing growing practices
  • Increased root mass, flower production, plant size, yield
  • Improved water uptake and increased drought resistance
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