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Say goodbye to transplant shock! Good pots have always been a bone of contention with growers, but these pots have been designed to be the best starter pot that you can consider for your valuable seedlings and clones.

Because water, air, and roots will penetrate the walls of the pot so easily, there is no need for drainage holes. The natural root structure that develops helps to ensure a successful transplant making these excellent for native plant material that can often be sensitive to transplant. Because the plant is never removed from the Fertilpot, there is never any transplant shock. These pots have been proven very successful in the production of vegetables, grafted wine grapes, forestry stock, as well as a range of annual and perennial crops.

Fertilpots are strictly organic, compostable and recyclable. They are OMRI listed and truly environmentally friendly, something all medical herb and hemp growers want. Fertilpots are wood fiber biodegradable pots composed primarily of Spruce (Picea Abies) fibers, and are manufactured without the use of glues or binders. There are no glues or binders used in the production of these pots and are composed of 80% wood fiber, primarily spruc, and 20% peat moss [from sources dedicated to horticultural peat production]. Logs used in production are heated to 140º C (284º F) for 6 hours, and once formed, dried at 170 - 180º C (338 - 356º F) for at least 35 minutes. This ensures that the pots are free of any pests or pathogens. Unlike rice-hull pots, or starch-based polymers, and ‘biodegradable’ plastics Fertilpots do not require a composting situation to degrade. No other container; biodegradable, compostable or plastic, can allow a more natural development of the plants’ root structure. Fertilpots are truly biodegradable and are intended to be planted directly in the ground or the next larger container.

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