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The Equinox 660 utilizes the latest LED technology available from Samsung to deliver an impressive 703μmol/s. Drawing only 320 watts this light offers a 45% energy reduction when replacing a 600W HPS light. Trichome production is increased by 15% - 20% and crop cycle is decreased by 7 - 10 days. Cooling costs are reduced by over half. Expect 90,000 hours (20 years @ 12hrs/day) of use with less than 10% light depreciation. The rugged workhorse design makes this fixture the obvious choice for growers seeking a high production and low energy lighting solution.

Recommended Bloom Coverage Area: 3' X 3'


  • Increased Yields and Trichome Production
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Cooling Requirements
  • Robust High Efficiency Design
  • Additional Flowering Cycle Each Year
  • Dimming Range: 25W-320W


  • Canada’s first LED horticultural light meeting all UL safety standards and is proudly manufactured in Waterloo, Ontario.
  • Complies with UL1598 for horticultural lighting electrical safety standards.
  • A thermal protection auto-dimming feature guarantees the fixture will never over heat or reach temperatures that could degrade the components and shorten its lifespan.
  • A manual dimming feature allows growers to conserve energy when plants are at early stages of development.
  • The rugged high-grade aluminum design ensures this fixture can be utilized in tough working environments with minimal risk of damage.
  • There are no mechanical cooling fans to clean or service.
  • Tested and certified for high humidity environments.
  • Minimal heat output lowers the growers cooling capacity requirements as well as energy costs.
  • All electronic components are of the highest quality brands including Samsung LEDs and Mean Well power supplies. No off-brand components have been used in the manufacturing of this light fixture.
  • IF Lighting’s proprietary LED driver ensures consistent light output from all LEDs.
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