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These earth-friendly “pots you plant” are an easy-touse alternative to plastic and peat pots.The naturally porous property of manure enables tender, young roots to easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots. This allows for air pruning and the formation of root buds and secondary root development throughout the pot. The result is a strong, dense and healthy root system that is critical to growing healthy plants. EcoCert Canada approves CowPots as an input for organic agriculture.


The Ultimate Eco-Friendly / High Performance Solution Producers Are Looking For Eco-Friendly

Made from a naturally reoccurring recycled resource

Biodegrade in the ground quickly and provide a significant boost during production

ECOCERT Certified Organic Performance

Retains water well = less watering needed

The pots will hold their form for up to 12 weeks in a greenhouse setting

Can be planted directly into the ground with the plant, eliminating transplant shock

Roots grow through the walls and bottom of the pot

Promotes natural air pruning and secondary root growth

Produces a larger healthier root system

Releases nitrogen when deteriorating vs other pots that use nitrogen to deteriorate

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