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9 Tips For Starting An Indoor Garden

9 Tips For Starting An Indoor Garden

Many people have outdoor gardens where they grow gorgeous flowers and cultivate delicious fruits and vegetables. This is particularly common among those who live in the country, since they often have larger properties and as such, have the space to grow outside. That said, this is not always possible, whether it is a matter of space or even weather.

Luckily, there is no reason why you cannot grow your garden indoors. Here are nine tips to help you get your indoor garden started on the right path.

Consider Your Location

When you are choosing the herbs, flowers, vegetables, et cetera you want in your garden, keep your home’s location in mind. What is your climate like? What access do you have to sun? Is it moist in your home, or is the air dry? Different plants will need different environments in order to thrive. Choose the ones—including those you want to grow directly from seeds—that will work best in the environment you live in.

Position Carefully

Once you have what you want for your indoor garden, consider where you want to position them. Certain plants will need more sunlight than others, which means some can go right next to windows while others need to be set away from direct sunlight.

Water When Dry to the Touch

Overwatering plants is actually more of an issue than you might initially think. Read the instructions on each plant you have in your indoor garden, but also remember this may not be a blanket rule for everyone who has the plant. It is, essentially, a rough guideline for you to start from. You should water your plants when the soil around them is dry to the touch. Even if the schedule recommends watering them twice a week, if the soil is still damp when the next watering time comes around, do not water it.

Watch for Drafts

In many instances, drafts can really affect the health of your indoor garden. Try to position your plants away from drafts or work to repair any gaps allowing the drafts to enter your home. This often means extra protection during winter months, particularly if you live in a cold climate.

Mist Regularly

Many plants benefit greatly from a short mist on a regular basis. Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water (no extreme temperatures) and give your plants a couple quick sprays. This allows them to stay moist without pouring water into the soil.

Melt Some Ice Cubes

Some flowers and other plants thrive when the water comes at a staggered rate, and this can be quite time consuming. You can actually replace physical watering by putting a couple ice cubes in the pot and leaving them to melt. This works especially well for most orchids.

Starting From Scratch

You can buy plants that are already grown for your indoor garden, but if you want to challenge yourself, start from scratch. If you do this, however, remember to read about the most appropriate seeds and keep your commitment levels in mind. In addition, while you can buy seeds online rather than from a garden center, try not to do so during chilly months, as the temperature during shipping can affect the seeds negatively. Pay close attention to which seeds would do well indoors and which would not.

Remember Nutrients and Fertilizer

Even though you will water the plants a lot, remember to think about plant nutrients and fertilizer. Sometimes you will only need to fertilize when you plant your seeds, but you may still need to give your plants nutrients on a regular basis, even if it is less frequent than watering. Both fertilizer and nutrients will help plants thrive in your indoor garden.


The best tip for cultivating an excellent indoor garden is to commit. It is really easy to buy a bunch of flowers or vegetable plants, but it is another thing entirely to maintain their health or even grow them from scratch. You cannot just leave them be—your indoor garden needs attention from you in order to thrive.

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