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The Benefits of Buying Certified Organic Seeds

The Benefits of Buying Certified Organic Seeds

There has been quite a lot of controversy in the news the past few years regarding genetically modified seeds. Some feel they are a necessary way to help with the progress of food production, while others worry about the hazardous effects they may pose on consumer health. Others are also bothered by the way that powerful, bullying corporations have tried to push them on consumers.

This is a particular concern for those who like to grow their own food. Having control over your means of production sounds like a great way to ensure your health. However, what if you inadvertently use genetically modified seeds? That has the potential to undo the benefits.

While corporations like Monsanto have made it more difficult to get certified organic seeds, they are still available and offer notable benefits.

GMO Free

GMO (or genetically modified organism) indicates the seed contains artificial genetic material. The idea is that this material makes it easier for the plant to thrive and survive, but there is little concrete information about the possible risks for human beings. If that concerns you, then this is a strong reason to stick with organic seeds.

Chemical Free

Organic seeds are also chemical free. Treated seeds have a government approved chemical coating. This is supposed to encourage growth and overcome pests and fungus. By eating food grown from organic seeds, you are reducing your personal intake of chemicals and also helping to reduce the amount of chemicals found in the soil.

Supporting Local Businesses

GMO seeds come from gigantic, cash-rich corporations. Organic seeds usually come from small, local concerns that care as much about food safety and sustainability as you. Even if you are only buying a small quantity, every purchase helps to make such a business viable and able to continue offering organic seeds. 

It also sends a message to companies that are not concerned about the environment and sustainability. Buying organic seeds means that there continues to be an interest in them. That helps those who do research to continuing studying and supporting the product.

Supporting the Environment

As mentioned earlier, organic seeds reduce the amount of chemicals in the soil. Chemicals destroy earthworms, compromise soil quality, and reduce the nutritional quality of food. GMO tampering may also alter food in a way that proves harmful in the long term. Organic makes sense if you care about any or all of these factors. It also benefits other parts of our ecosystem, such as birds, insects, and amphibians. Our world is at its best when everything is in balance, and organic seeds help to maintain that.


You can save your seeds for use the following year. This is more practical, cost-effective, and beneficial for the planet.

Indoor Farmer is dedicated to helping consumers live a healthier life style through gardening and hydroponics. Contact us today and let our team of experts tell you about our seed products and a range of viable alternatives to GMO-laden products.


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