Mumm's - Get Sprouting Jar Kit

One, 1 Liter sprouting jar, one 125g crunchy bean mix, one 125g Sandwich Booster, 2 sprouting screens and rubber bands. Everything you need to "Get Sprouting"!... Read More
$13.50 each

Mumm's Get Sprouting Jar (Jar Only)

A sturdy one liter clear plastic jar with sprouting directions, screens and elastics. Sprouts not included. Find them on our seeds page.... Read More
$3.60 each

SproutMaster Countertop Sprouter

Our favorite counter top sprouter! Works well for short sprouts, leafy sprouts, and most microgreens. Comes with a divider for two crops at once.   Choose from Small 5" x 6" size or Large 8" x 10" model. Sprouts not included. Find them on our seeds page.... Read More
$19.95 each

Easy Sprout Sprouter

Grow healthier tastier sprouts with minimal effort with the Easy Sprout Sprouter. Its convection action provides continuous ventilation, humidification and warmth. It uses heat from the growing sprouts to circulate fresh humidified air by convection and prevents suffocation and dehydration so sprouts need less or no rinsing. Easy Sprouter comes with a vented lid that is ideal for travel sprouting and storing sprouts in the fridge. Stackable, durable and easy to clean, Easy Sprout is made for... Read More
$24.00 each

Hemp Sprouting Bag

The easiest way to grow your favourite larger seeds such as garbanzo, adzuki and mung beans! Sprouts not included. Find them on our seeds page.... Read More
$19.95 each
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