Botanicare Power Clone

Power Clone Advanced Liquid Formula is made for serious gardeners who prefer to propagate their favorite plants using aeroponic cloning applications and for transplanting potted or bare-root plants. The powerful, all-natural ingredients in Power Clone Liquid offer long-term protection from transplant shock. In no time at all, your plants will be firmly established with an abundance of healthy, robust roots.... Read More
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DNF Gold - 1L

Products with “Gold” written on the label are known in the hydroponics industry to contain fulvic acid. It comes from the root word “fulvus” meaning yellow. These acids are yellow to golden-brown. Hence the title Gold referencing it contains fulvic acid. This acid is often referred to as the miracle of minerals. It is not only good for plants but also good for the human body. Many natural health care practitioners are recommending fulvic acid to boost immune systems, detoxifier, and to... Read More
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Spectrum King Series 400 (90 Degree Reflector)

Full-spectrum 440 watt LED light assembled in the USA. Rugged adjustable waterproof housing makes it perfect for harsh environments. Large, extra efficient heatsink with multiple heat pipes minimizes radiant heat. Specially designed reflectors spread light evenly to your plants. Each light ships with a nine foot power cord and one large centered eye hook for hanging. Features: Input Voltage: 110V-277V AC Frequency Range: 50~60Hz Power Consumption: 440W Recommended Cooling BTUs: 1,350 ... Read More
$1,395.00 each

CoolSun Air Cooled Reflectors

The Cool Sun Reflector 6 inch Air-Cooled is made to meet high standards and prevent air leaks. Its wire hangers make it easy to hang where you want it, and this sealed reflector will not draw air from inside the room. Your CO2 stays in place! This reflector has a strong electro-galvanized steel housing, and a 95% reflective aluminum insert to promote maximum reflectivity and light diffusion. Pre-wired with lamp cord and socket. Reflector Features: 95% reflective aluminum insert (German... Read More
-50%$18.24 each

Green Planet Bio-Gold

Bio Gold is a storehouse of rhizospheric micro-organisms that colonize the rootzone creating an unparalleled environment for healthy plant growth. ... Read More
-50%$22.00 each

Grodan Cube Cap 6"

The Cube Cap enables you to naturally and efficiently eliminate algae, fungus gnats and their root eating larva found on rock wool and coco growing blocks. It is one of the first environmentally safe solutions available. In addition, you are able to recycle and reuse the Cube Cap thus saving on costs. The Cube Cap deprives the cube of its light by reflecting it back up towards the plant and away from the top of the block thus, making it difficult for any dark green algae to form. The Cube... Read More
-50%$0.82 each

RAW Nitrogen

RAW Nitrogen contains 20% Ammonium Nitrogen (N) in a Water Soluble form. RAW Nitrogen does not contain nitrates or urea which enables it to be applied at all stages of growth and bloom. Plants take up two forms of nitrogen: nitrate N and ammonium N. Raw Nitrogen is Ammonium Nitrogen only. It can also be used as a foliar feed and during bloom unlike Nitrate N. ... Read More
-50%$5.90 each

RAW Phosphorous

RAW Phosphorus contains 61% pure water Soluble Phosphate (P). This product also contains a small amount of Ammonium Nitrogen (9%) which plants can utilize during bloom. Phosphorus is particularly beneficial during the early rooting stage but also provides energy during fruit and flower production. RAW Phosphorus is ideal for boosting Phosphorus (P) levels, treating deficiencies and creating optimal recipe solutions... Read More
-50%$4.75 each

RAW Potassium

RAW Potassium contains 50% Water Soluble Potash derived from potassium sulfate. This is the highest concentration of natural Water Soluble Potassium available to the home gardener. During fruiting and flowering, large amounts of potassium are used by the plant in a matter of days which can lead to potassium deficiencies. RAW Potassium is ideal for boosting Potassium (K) levels, treating deficiencies and creating optimal recipe solutions. ... Read More
-50%$5.63 each

RAW Kelp

RAW Kelp is 99% Kelp extract from seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum). This product is water Soluble and contains only 1% soluble potash which is a direct reflection of its purity. Kelp extracts are also very rich in natural plant growth hormones. RAW Kelp is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. It is also ideal for adding to foliar sprays and for creating optimal recipe solutions. ... Read More
-50%$7.63 each

RAW Humic Acid

RAW Humic Acid contains 59% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite which is the most concentrated, water Soluble humic acid product on the market today. In nature, humic acid has a buffering effect on the pH of soils. It can raise the pH of acid soils and lower the pH of alkaline soils. RAW Humic Acid is also great for hydroponics applications, especially when added to RO filtered water. RAW Humic acid is a natural chelator and is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules... Read More
-50%$6.53 each

RAW Silica

RAW Silica contains 45% Silicon Dioxide which is the highest concentration of silicon dioxide available to the home gardener. RAW Silica is flowable and suspend-able in water and naturally available to the plant. Since RAW Silica is a natural form of silicon dioxide, it is PH neutral and does not cloud when added to water. RAW Silica can be used during all stages of growth and bloom for optimal stem and cell wall strength. It is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. ... Read More
-50%$6.53 each

RAW Yucca

RAW Yucca is made from 100% natural yucca extract from the plant Yucca Schidigera. It can be used as wetting agent for nutrient solutions and foliar sprays and is great for flushing excess salts from the root Zone. When used on soils, it helps water and nutrients penetrate deeper and more evenly into the root zone. We recommend adding a pinch (1/16 tsp per 5 gallons) RAW Yucca to all foliar, nutrient and flush solutions. ... Read More
-50%$13.20 each

RAW B-Vitamin

RAW B-Vitamin contains 1% vitamin B1 which is the highest concentration of water Soluble vitamin B1 available to the home gardener. RAW B-vitamin also contains 9% magnesium and is an optimal magnesium supplement. RAW B-Vitamin is most beneficial during transplant, times of stress and during heavy fruit and flower production. Raw B-Vitamin can be used at all times of growth and bloom and is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. ... Read More
-50%$7.63 each

RAW Calcium/Mag

RAW Calcium/Mag contains 15% calcium and 3% magnesium. RAW Calcium/Mag has optimized the ratio of each element in a Water soluble formulation of calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate so that it doesn’t leave the media salty. This product is a stand alone Calcium / Mag supplement. Due to its low dilution rates a little RAW Calcium / Mag goes a long ways. Its also ideal for preventing deficiencies, treating deficiencies and for creating optimal recipe solutions. ... Read More
-50%$5.65 each

RAW Full Up

Use RAW Full Up in conjunction with all nutrients and supplements for optimal Uptake throughout all stages of Growth and Bloom. It is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. Its also ideal for adding to foliar sprays and for creating optimal recipe solutions. ... Read More
-50%$8.30 each

RAW ominA

RAW ominA (essential) is a naturally available source of 14% vegan Nitrogen derived from plant protein hydrolysate. ominA is easily absorbed producing a dramatic effect on calcium uptake by the roots! It is completely water Soluble and will not clog pumps or irrigation lines. Use RAW ominA in conjunction with nutrients and supplements throughout all stages of growth and bloom. It is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. ... Read More
-50%$8.48 each

RAW Cane Molasses

RAW Cane Molasses is a highly concentrated, water Soluble micronized molasses that gives all the benefits of Liquid Molasses without all the mess. The smallest 2oz package of RAW Can Molasses is equivalent to 1 gallon of liquid molasses which makes it easier to transport. Cane Molasses is an excellent source of carbon energy (food) for beneficial microbes. RAW Cane Molasses is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. Works in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs.... Read More
-50%$5.65 each

Grotek Black Pearl

Black Pearl™ is a unique organic product that blends a variety of renewable elements to provide soil nutrients and other soil-building components. High in organic matter, most of which comes from charcoal based carbon, it is a long-lasting soil builder. Black Pearl™ is best applied by mixing it into soil or soilless media rather than as a top dress. This product is not water soluble and should not be used in re-circulating hydroponic systems. Reconditioning medium: Apply 4 g (1 tsp)... Read More
-50%$32.10 each

Emperor 600watt Metal Halide Bulb 6100K

Watts (W) Lumens Initial (lm) Color Temp (K) Operating Current Max. Starting Current Ave. Life (h) MOL (mm) Burn Position 600 6,100 Universal Lamp Voltage Warm up Time Reignition Time Bulb Shape Dia. (mm) Ballast MH ... Read More
-50%$43.98 each

Spectrum Tech. Light Scout Daily Light Meter

Spectrum Tech. Light Scout Daily Light Meter DLI 100 Measure the light “falling” on your plants Increase plant growth and quality Simultaneously compare light between multiple locations Simple, one button operation Affordable, first step in measuring light Meter runs for 24 hours and calculates the Daily Light Integral (DLI) Real-time intensity levels are shown in µmol·m-2·s-1 every 4 seconds over the course of a day Measures PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) ... Read More
-50%$21.85 each

General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar

Diamond Nectar accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots through a natural process called mineral chelation. Low molecular weight Humic acids grab immobile & molecularly heavy minerals & transport them into plant tissues for faster growth & bigger yields. Diamond Nectar is extracted from naturally mined Leonardite with a high profile of low molecular weight Humic acids. pH buffered for ideal plant growth: 5.8 to 6.2. Use for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco... Read More
-50%$10.79 each

NARVA Super HPS 1000W 2100 UMOL

"The Most Advanced Mogul Style Lamp On The Market"The Narva Super HPS enables fast plant growth in all development phases and first-class yields. The particularly high luminous efficacy due to the NARVA super arc tube technology ensures a large blue fraction in the emissions spectrum and an effective PAR output during the whole life of the lamp. The Narva Super HPS surpasses the competition with its output up to 2100 Umol. This lamp is the only 2100 Umol mogul base lamp available on the market.... Read More
$88.00 each

Growlite 315W Ceramic MH Lamp w/mogul base

PERFORMANCE Initial Lumens: 32,000 Lamp Lumens Per Watt: 102 Rated Life: 20,000 hours Color Temperature: 4000k Color Rendering Index (CRI): 98 Burning Position: Universal Bulb Designation: ED37 Fixture Rating: Open/Enclosed To 90% Warm Up Time: 2 min Hot Restart Time: 10 min ANSI Designation: C182/O PHYSICAL DATA / REQUIREMENTS Base Designation: E39 Bulb Diameter: 121 mm (max) Max Overall Length (MOL): 292 mm (max) Light Center Length (LCL): 178 ±5 mm Max Base... Read More
$160.00 each
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