EcoPlus - Air Stones

These great quality Air Stones aerates and adds oxygen to the water in your reservoir or grow system. Circulates nutrients into the water and helps to maintain an even water temperature. Use with 3/16 inch airline.... Read More
$2.25 each

EcoPlus - Air Stone Discs

EcoPlus® Hydrovescent Air Disc™ air diffusers are great for aerating or circulating nutrients in your tanks or reservoirs. These air diffusers incorporate suction cup feet to keep your Hydrovescent Air Disc™ secured without fear of it moving around or flipping. The 3 air diffusers have a built-in 3/8 inch 90 degree elbow fitting that insures the airline connects freely to your fitting and prevents the air line from kinking at the base of the fitting. Air diffusers are great for use with... Read More
$13.98 each

GrowoniX - High Flow Reverse Osmosis Systems

“The EX Series is efficiency at its best. We went back to the drawing board and asked the question, “How can we do the same thing we did with the GX Series, but do it at a special price point, one which opens the doors to everyone wishing to make purified water—without sacrificing the quality that is synonymous with the GrowoniX product line?” With the EX Series, we were able to strip out all the non- essential components, and leave in all the high quality parts found in the GX... Read More
$321.79 each

HydroLogic - Stealth Reverse Osmosis Systems

The stealthRO customized reverse osmosis water filter removes 99% of total PPM and contaminants. Industry leading, cutting edge RO filters. Saves 25-50% more drain water compared to similar RO filters. Give your plants only the best water. Start with a clean base for your nutrient formula. Boost nutrient uptake and prevent lockout. Increases quality and yields. Comes with all necessary components in the box for super simple, quick setup. Save More Water! Less waste than similar filters ... Read More
$386.95 each

HydroLogic - Stealth RO Replacement Membrane

100 Gallons Per Day. These membranes are standard equipment in our SP, CHP, MPRO, MPDI RO/DI, and the MPDW Drinking Water Systems. All 25 to 90 GPD membranes will fit in our standard membrane housing. The Standard Membrane is also available as a replacement option for most competitors' reverse osmosis systems.... Read More
$97.95 each

HydroLogic - Stealth RO Sediment Filter

Keep your Hydro-Logic Stealth RO filter working in top condition a new filter! The Stealth RO system uses three types of filters; an RO membrane, a carbon filer, and a sediment filter This filter removes large and medium sized debris from your water source. It is the first filter in the system and should be replaced or rinsed regularly. It is recommended you rinse this filter every 3 to 4 and replace every 6 to 12 months with continuous use, please see your user manual for more... Read More
$17.20 each

HydroLogic - Stealth RO Carbon Block

Size: 10" x 2.5" Keep your Hydro-Logic Stealth RO filter working in top condition a new filter! The Stealth RO system uses three types of filters; an RO membrane, a carbon filer, and a sediment filter The Sediment Filter is a pre-filter that will remove silt, rust, sand, etc.... Read More
$18.95 each

HydroLogic - Stealth RO Filter Housing

Replacement filter housing for Stealth-RO units. Clear sump with male threads and double O-ring, black cap with female threads, 3/8" FNPT ports. Can be used for either the carbon or sediment filter. Features: For use with the Hydro-Logic Stealth Reverse Osmosis systems Can be used for either the carbon or sediment filter Important element for maintaining a clean water base ... Read More
$46.40 each

HydroLogic - Quick Connect Float Valve

Features: This float valve features a 1/4” quick connect fitting and adjustable water level. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The float valve allows you to fill a reservoir or tank, unattended, to your desired water level. For use with all Stealth-RO, Micro-75RO, Triton-RO & Small Boy™ models or most RO and filter systems with 1/4” tubing. No more floods! ... Read More
$26.95 each

EcoPlus - Aqua Heat Titanium Heater (200W)

Features: The heater tube is fully submersible It is an electronic heater Has double heating tube Very durable and reliable Easy temperature control and it is ideal for saltwater and freshwater Temp range: 68 DegreeF (20 DegreeC) to 93 DegreeF (34 DegreeC).  ... Read More
$67.10 each

Ecoplus - Flexible Air Diffuser 2'

Features: The air hose are flexible and unbreakable They provide excellent aeration Only need to wipe off under running water for cleaning ... Read More
$5.95 each

Aquavita - Air Stone 4.25"

Round Air Stone Made from high-quality Carborundum and ceramic materials fired at 1350°C, the AquaVita Air Stones are great for aerating and circulating water in aquariums and hydroponic systems. They work especially well with our AquaVita Air Pumps! This model has Built in SUCTION CUPS!... Read More
$12.95 each

Growonix Ex Series RO 200 GPD System

The EX line is Designed to flow up to 16 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) of almost 0 ppm purified water. Shipped with a 2:1 system ratio— It’s affordable, durable, and packed with features you would expect on a higher priced unit. Out-flowing all other RO’s in the sameclass, with the same quality you would expect from a GrowoniX product. High Flow Cold Water membrane1:1 or 2:1 system ratio—most efficient in the industryElectrogalvanized powder coated steel bracketsHigh purity Coconut Carbon... Read More
$420.00 each
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