$27.06 each
$31.64 each
$27.80 each
$50.29 each
$88.14 each
$22.54 each
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$71.13 each
$16.36 each
$1,124.35 each
$23.50 each
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$1,632.85 each
$100.80 each
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Amblyseius Swirskii

*Product available for ins-store pickup only, this item is time sensitive and cannot be shipped. Please Contact us for more information. (Order must be in by Friday 11.00 a.m. for pick up the following Wednesday before 5:30pm for guaranteed population) Use in greenhouse vegetable and flower crops to manage both thrips and whiteflies as part of an IPM program. Introductions can be made before pests are observed, especially if pollen is available. They can be used in combination with other... Read More
$125.20 each

Sun Grip Light Hanger (2 Pack)

Sun Grip® Light Hangers allow you to secure items quickly and easily. Sun Grip's patented system pulls tight, locks in place, will never break or slip and will not rust. Made with special composite material. Heat and cold resistant. 8 ft braided polypropylene rope. Carabiner clips provide a secure hold. Great for hoisting or securing reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters and ventilation equipment. Maximum weight capacity is 75 lbs. each (150 lbs. a pair). Excellent for use with our larger... Read More
$23.95 each

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Bloom

Pure Blend® Pro Soil 1-4-5 blooming natural and organic-based nutrient is specifically designed for plants cultivated in soil and coco. Containing only natural sources of essential major, secondary, and trace minerals from the land and sea in a 100% soluble form Pure Blend Pro Soil encourages the development of vigorous buds, fruits, and flowers. Cultivating plants in soil requires higher phosphorous levels to offset clay colloidal particles that bind up phosphorous and offset soil microbes... Read More
$28.00 each

General Organics Bio Thrive Bloom

BioThrive Bloom provides fruiting and flowering plants with essential nutrients, perfectly balanced for superior blooms and bountiful harvests. Specially designed to maximize fruit, flower and seed production, this unique formulation will give you bigger, more nutritious and delicious yields. BioThrive Bloom benefits all kinds of plants during the flowering and fruiting phases of growth.... Read More
$24.60 each


With Grozyme there is no longer a need to introduce or create crop vulnerability by introducing a foreign germ culture to your sterile growing environment. After reviewing current enzymatic market products, it was determined that grozyme actually incorporates all the benefits and capabilities offered by leading enzyme products and much, much more - all in one powerful formula! With grozyme though, there are NO concerns of a limited shelf life or spoilage. Grozyme® is a concentrated enzyme... Read More
$44.50 each

House and Garden Bud-XL Bloom Booster

Bud-XL uses enzyme processes to extract sugars from the large bracts to store them in the fruit or flower of the plant. Start adding Bud-XL to the nutrient after the first flowers are formed. This is the period that the big bract loses its function. By adding Bud-XL you ensure that the plant's energy is no longer used for keeping the bract, but is directed to forming flowers and fruits. Simultaneously, Bud-XL extracts sugars from the bract and transports them to the fruit. Use in conjunction... Read More
$78.00 each

SproutMaster Countertop Sprouter

Our favorite counter top sprouter! Works well for short sprouts, leafy sprouts, and most microgreens. Comes with a divider for two crops at once.   Choose from Small 5" x 6" size or Large 8" x 10" model. Sprouts not included. Find them on our seeds page.... Read More
$19.95 each

GrowoniX - High Flow Reverse Osmosis Systems

“The EX Series is efficiency at its best. We went back to the drawing board and asked the question, “How can we do the same thing we did with the GX Series, but do it at a special price point, one which opens the doors to everyone wishing to make purified water—without sacrificing the quality that is synonymous with the GrowoniX product line?” With the EX Series, we were able to strip out all the non- essential components, and leave in all the high quality parts found in the GX... Read More
$321.79 each

Active Aqua - Low-Tide Drip Trays (Black)

Features: Superior grid pattern design and multi-level drainage channels to promote fast and thorough drainage Multi drain positions for versatility in set-ups Stronger corners and thicker all around than most other brands Rounded corners for easy cleaning Gradation inside to accurately assess optimal water level The Active Aqua line of flood tables, reservoirs, and covers offers features that rival the competition at value prices. True, full-size dimensions, and volume to provide... Read More
$62.95 each

Air Ducting Reducers

High-quality air ducting reducer for a precision fit. ... Read More
$14.48 each

Gavita - Pro 1000e DE US Fixture

The best just got better! The new Gavita Pro line e-series are improved models and are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips. Gavita Pro line HPS fixtures are the professional standard for efficient climate room lighting. Running on standard 120V - 240V they power the high voltage horticultural electronic lamps, which are superior in spectrum, light output and light maintenance over time. ... Read More
$995.00 each

Remo Nutrients - Micro

Remo’s Micro contains calcium in both a chelated (EDTA) and nitrate form, boron, chelated copper, iron in two forms for maximum absorption (EDDHA & EDTA), chelated manganese, and molybdenum. Calcium EDTA is highly effective in increasing fruit production, heat stress reduction, and when used with boron it improves cell wall structure for hardy, strong plants. Remo’s Micro is designed to be used throughout the full grow cycle, in equal amounts with Grow or Bloom to compliment and complete... Read More
$20.80 each

Hawthorne Farms - Lemon Cucumber

Pale yellow, little round balls of cucumbery crunchiness. This Heirloom cucumber has been around since the late 1800s and has a loyal following. Vigorous vines produce buckets of little round 6-9 cm cucumbers that start out lime green then turn pale yellow and finally dark golden-yellow. We think they are best at the pale yellow stage when the skin is still thin. The taste is a little milder than most cukes with no bitterness and boy are they crunchy. Nothing lemony about the taste, just the... Read More
$3.50 each

Air Box - JUNIOR Intake (HEPA)

Don’t let unwanted air pollutens get in your grow room with this versatile Air box jr. From the maker of the original Air box, it eliminates 98% of all insects, molds, mildews, spores, pollen, dust, dander and other airborne particles down to 0.3 microns using the MERV 13 filter. The Air box jr keeps glass lenses dust and bug free and has replaceable, economic and disposable filters. It accepts standard 10″ duct. Can be easily hung by using 1/4″ rope, chain, cable or ratchets. It is easy... Read More
$219.95 each

Green Gold Prime Time Grow 11-4-6

Organic based Slow release Formula Overview This product is intended for indoor and outdoor plants alike, results may vary depending on multiple factors such as; type of soil, temperature, light and the type of plant being cultivated. Apply once at the beginning of the growth stage and follow through with PrimeTime Bloom 10-9.5-9.5, two weeks before the flowering stage. Note: For a successful plant production, please follow manufacturers’ indications. Warning: Test compatibility with... Read More
$34.95 each

Hawthorne Farms - King of the North

This early, sweet bell pepper is true to its name and does very well in cool climates. The 12-15 cm long and 7.5-10 cm. wide fruit mature from green to bright red. The fruit has thick walls and the flesh is sweet and crisp. Very dependable in our zone 5 gardens. Package Size: 30 Seeds Days to Maturity: 57 days green 68 days red.... Read More
$3.50 each

Hawthorne Farms - Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea

Early maturing heirloom snow pea is grown for pea shoots (32 days) and blossoms (39 days) as well as small crunchy pods. The pods reach about 6.5 cm. in length and are very sweet. Pea shoots and beautiful purple flowers add interest to salads and stir fries and make beautiful garnishes. Dwarf plants reach 45-50 cm. and need no trellising. Package Size: 100 Seeds Days to Maturity: 57 days... Read More
$3.50 each

Hawthorne Farms - Cherry Belle Radish

The classic fat, round, red radish of my childhood. Cherry belle has moderate heat and nice crispy white flesh, perfect for snacks, salads and slaws of all types. Holds well in the field with very little splitting for prolonged harvest. Prefers cool growing conditions so enjoy spring and fall. Package Size: 300 Seeds... Read More
$3.50 each

Hawthorne Farms - King Richard Leek

An extremely early leek packed with sweet flavour. Long white stems can reach 30 cm.long with very little bulbing. Can withstand freezing down to –7 celcius. Use in soups of all sorts or braise until meltingly sweet. Package Size: 300 Seeds Days to Maturity: 75 days... Read More
$3.50 each

Go & Grow Tent Kit - 3' x 3" (CX-4 LED)

Combination Kit Regular Price: $1641.99 Our Package Price: $1445.00 Includes: 1 - Johnson COB CX-4 LED LIGHT 1 - Gorilla 3 x 3 Tent 1 - Stealth 4” Inline Fan 1 - Vortex Pro FIlter Contact us today, or drop by our Waterloo location for more information! **Please Note - This item is too large to ship via standard courier. Please Contact Us if you are interested in this item.... Read More
$1,445.00 each

GeoPot Drying Rack – 8 Rack

Flower Tower dry racks feature many options that save time and make it easier to dry your harvest. They can be hung from either ends allowing you to rotate the top rack to the bottom for more even drying. Features: 8 Racks 36″ U-Shaped zippers ... Read More
$89.20 each

Mammoth Pro 120 Grow Tent - 3'9" x 3'9"' x 6'6"

The Mammoth Pro is specially lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (210D), to increase light intensity and improve light distribution. Light-proof, waterproof and pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, the tents come with equipment bars to support lamps, and carbon filters. Features: Right socks dimensions Increase Light Proof up to level II New Engineered Plastic Corner: 3X more robust New 210D fabric: 2.5 X tear strength and 3 X abrasion Optimized range,... Read More
$310.00 each

ST Waterproof EC Meter

Economic meter for measuring salinity Measures four parameters; conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature 6 units of measurement: µS/cm, mS/cm, ppm, ppt, mg/L, and g/L Internal memory stores up to 15 labeled readings for easy recall Adjustable conductivity-to-TDS ratio factor (0.4 to 1.0) Accuracy: ±2% Measurement ranges:– Conductivity: 0.00 to 199 µS/cm, 200 to 1,999 µS/cm, or 2.00 to 19.99 mS/cm– TDS: 0 to 99.9 mg/L, 100 to 999 mg/L, or 1.00 to 9.99 g/L– Salinity (fixed... Read More
$232.50 each

Gorilla Grow Tent - 3′ X 3′ X 6′ 11″

Gorilla Grow Tents are the best grow tent deal. They are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. Double your yields with the first ever height adjusting grow tent. This tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent can extend up to 8′, 9′, or even 10′ tall! The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be. Large EZ View windows offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways offer 360... Read More
$491.99 each
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