$32.71 each
$15.80 each
$0.28 each
$293.74 each
$44.97 each
$40.45 each
$54.24 each
$960.44 each
$197.75 each
$31.63 each
$19.15 each
$28.19 each
$29.15 each
$327.64 each
$50.29 each
$141.19 each
$22.32 each
$5.65 each
$43.79 each
$27.06 each
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Trimpro Original Leaf Trimmer

The TRIMPRO ORIGINAL is an effective and very quiet leaf trimmer. It is used to remove excess leaves and twigs from different types of plants and flowers such as rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander and parsley as well as in preparation for the extraction of essential oils and mixed flower clippings for potpourri. Its tempered steel blade makes a clean cut without damaging the plant. The TrimproOrigional is equipped with a leaf recovery system and can be quickly disassembled for... Read More
$1,595.00 each

Grower's Edge Lighted Microscope 30X

A precision illuminated microscope with 30x magnification power. Focus can be adjusted by turning the wheel. Rotatable bulb can pinpoint the light on the object. Use to classify the type of pest invading your plants. Comes with protective case. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Actual size of microscope is 1-3/4 in wide by 5-5/8 in tall... Read More
$28.95 each

EcoPlus - Air Stone Discs

EcoPlus® Hydrovescent Air Disc™ air diffusers are great for aerating or circulating nutrients in your tanks or reservoirs. These air diffusers incorporate suction cup feet to keep your Hydrovescent Air Disc™ secured without fear of it moving around or flipping. The 3 air diffusers have a built-in 3/8 inch 90 degree elbow fitting that insures the airline connects freely to your fitting and prevents the air line from kinking at the base of the fitting. Air diffusers are great for use with... Read More
$13.98 each

Grodan 1.5 Inch Starter Mini-Blocks MM40/40

Starter MINI-BLOCKS™ can sit in a tray (flat) without support for easy starting of seeds and cuttings. They are individually wrapped to minimize algae growth. For best results put them on the flat side of the GRO-SMART Tray™ to ensure good airflow around the cubes. Remove wrapping and transplant into any loose media such as GROW-CUBES™ or GROW-CHUNKS™, or leave wrapping on and set on top of a larger GRO-BLOCK™. These cubes are popular for production of aquatic plants. The... Read More
$0.25 each

TurboKlone T24 Aeroponic Cloning System (24 Site)

The T-24 "Turbo Mini" has everything you know and love from the TurboKlone line in half the size. Where some say size matters, the Turbo Mini is a space saver. With 24 Klone sites, you get all the features you come to expect with Turbo Klone machines. Add the Humidity Dome to lock in the moisture to get you klones all the water they crave. Features: Reservoir: Custom ABS PlasticClone Capacity: 24Cutting Medium: Custom Polyethylene Collar (included)Water Pump Grade: 250 gphOptimal Water... Read More
$259.95 each

EcoPlus Convertible Bottom Draw Pumps

EcoPlus® Convertible Bottom Draw Submersible Only Water Pumps The EcoPlus® Convertible Bottom Draw Pump is the first hydroponic pump of its kind. With an interchangeable outlet fitting, this line of pumps fits almost all hydroponic applications. The bottom draw inlet allows the pump to operate in less than 1/2 inch of water. The convertible outlet offers the freedom of a horizontal or vertical water outlet, allowing the user to choose the best water flow option for their needs.... Read More
$39.80 each

Growstone Hydronic Substrate - 42L

Growstone Hydroponic Substrate is the perfect growing media for vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowering plants – from lettuce and basil, to tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, gerbera daisies and orchids. It can be used in hydroponic systems as simple as manually irrigated containers, or as advanced as automatically drip irrigated containers, Ebb-Flow systems, and NFT tables. Features: Highly effective balance between air and water content at field capacity, meaning high air-filled... Read More
$35.80 each

Indoor Farmer Zipped Hooded Sweatshirt

Represent your favorite indoor farming supplier with our plain black hooded sweatshirts featuring front and back indoor farmer logo.... Read More
$48.00 each

Gaia Green Blood Meal 12-0-0

Our Blood Meal contains approximately 12% nitrogen, nearly 1% phosphorus, and less than 1% potassium. It has the highest content of available nitrogen of any other organic fertilizer. Blood Meal provides abundant iron in a chelate form protected from chemical reaction in the soil to unavailable forms. These essential nutrients are released gradually over the season as the protein decomposes in the soil. Blood Meal is gentle on soil microbes and encourages humus production and good soil tilth;... Read More
$29.80 each

Source™ Turbo by Extract Craft

Introducing the Source™ Turbo, with improved processing time, Turbo Mode, altitude-specific tuning, and upgraded crucible design. Perfect for at-home botanical extractions and easy to use with bluetooth smart-device app, Source™ Turbo is the only at-home extraction appliance in the world that is made simple, smart, and safe for all your extraction needs. Source™ Turbo includes the full unit as pictured (phone not included), an ice tray for cooling the lid, and ships in discreet... Read More
$849.95 each

Current Culture Veg B

Cultured Solutions Veg A & B combines all necessary macro and micro nutrients in a pH stable, chelated form, ideal for high performance hydro and water culture applications. Veg A & B offers plants the minerals needed in ideal ratios to ensure optimal uptake of the nutrient solution is achieved.... Read More
$27.99 each

Cyco Grow B

Cyco Grow A and B give support to a plant's natural growth by supplying a range of macro and micro nutrients, which are needed to give a plant the best possible start in its early development. Calcium, iron, manganese, copper, sodium and zinc are just a few of the elements in Cyco Grow that combine to support growth, cell development, and fruit quality. A and B formulas are sold separately. ... Read More
$16.95 each

Emerald Harvest Cal Mag

Keep your plants productive and green with Cal-Mag, a calcium and magnesium supplement from Emerald Harvest®. Containing top-quality ingredients, Cal-Mag is designed to nourish crops with extra calcium and magnesium and create the right conditions for abundant flowering and a heavy yield. This is especially important when growing in some media, such as coco coir, but any garden can benefit. Use Cal-Mag as a supplement to a base nutrient series for guaranteed professional results.  ... Read More
$24.95 each

Foliage - Pro !L

Foliage-Pro® 9-3-6 has the ideal N-P-K (3-1-2) ratio recommended by the University of Florida for tropical foliage plant production. That N-P-K ratio is ideal for a wide range of plants. Virtually any plant can be grown to perfection with Foliage-Pro®. The Foliage-Pro® formulation contains all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs. Foliage-Pro® supplies a high nitrate to ammoniacal nitrogen ratio needed to promote shorter internodal spacing... Read More
$25.80 each

Quantum 600watt Digital Ballast 120/240V

The Quantum Series Lighting is one tough ballast. Tested in a lab and fulyl compliant with FCC rules and regulations this ballast lets you worry about your garden instead of how your garden is affecting your ballast. Runs at 100% or 75% power• Strike both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Bulbs• Accepts 120v or 240v (Both cords included)• Allows 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz• Runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts on the market• GENSET & FLIP – BOX READY... Read More
$289.95 each

Liaflor Clay Pellets 8/16 mm - 50L Bag

Ph Stabilized offering excellent moisture and oxygen capacity to stimulate healthy root development. Re-usable and can be cleaned and sterilized easily. Drains freely and will not hold excessive water. ... Read More
$44.50 each

Ushio HiLUX GRO AHS-1000/Opti-Rd Bulb 2100K

Watts (W) Lumens Initial (lm) Color Temp (K) Operating Current Max. Starting Current Ave. Life (h) MOL (mm) Burn Position 1000 146,000 2100 4.7A 7.0A 24,000 390 Universal Lamp Voltage Warm up Time Reignition Time Bulb Shape Dia. (mm) Ballast 200-280V 7 minutes 2 minutes T23 65 HPS S52 ... Read More
$124.95 each

Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Super Spreader

The design of the Super Spreader is based on logic and simplicity! INCREASE YIELD, REDUCE HEAT AND SAVE POWER The Super-Spreader spreads this excess light and heat proportionally to all areas of the grow room This creates even light and more harmonious growing conditions throughout the entire grow room The aluminium surface reflects and redirects light in a selective 4-way pattern for fantastic results ... Read More
$19.75 each

240v Ballast Cord with Female End (FT-5Z)

240v Female Ballast Cord.Female end only.... Read More
$5.00 each

Doktor Doom - Total Release Fogger (400g)

Doktor Doom Foggers flush out and eradicate insects on contact. Contact sprays will not kill eggs or nymphs repeated applications are required. One ounce treats 1000 cubic feet of unobstucted space. [ cubic feet = Length x Width x Height (L x W x H) ] The benefits of using Total Release Fogger is that they are made with natural Pyrethrins which biologically breaks down in a couple of hours after exposure: to light; air flow; and humidity, providing fast re-entry times to fumigated areas. ... Read More
$38.75 each

Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil (50L)

Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix comes in two types - an all round pre-fertilised soil and a truly exceptional superior soil growing medium. Specifically designed for use with Canna Terra and Canna Bio Nutrients (although exceptional results can also be achieved using Bio-Bizz nutrients), both of these soil mixes are sure to provide fantastic results for all who use them. Canna Terra Professional is the approximate equivalent of Bio-Bizz All-Mix, having a high nutrient content as well as good... Read More
$23.95 each

Hydrofarm - Active Air Moisture, Light, PH Meter

Gardeners can conveniently test moisture and pH levels with the handy Active Air 2-Way Meter. Moisture readings register on a scale of 0 (dry) to 10 (moist). pH readings between pH 0 (acidic) and pH 10 (basic) are represented. Light readings range from 0 (low light) to 2000 (very strong light). The durable, easy-to-read tester is suitable for indoors or out and needs no batteries to operate. Remove from soil and clean prongs after each use to ensure the moisture meter stays in top performance... Read More
$14.95 each

1L Grotek pH Down

pH Down will adjust your solution to the desired pH level. Add a few drops of pH Down to your solution tank to raise/lower the pH level in the tank. Our pH solution is concentrated so adjust slightly before adding your final nutrients. After adding the nutrient materials, test your solution to determine if the exact level has been reached. It may be necessary to add a few more drops to reach the desired level.... Read More
$13.90 each

EcoPlus - Lighted Microscope 60X - 100X

A very powerful illuminated pocket microscope offers adjustable magnification from 60X - 100X. Identify even the smallest pests with this microscope. Includes batteries and protective case. Actual size of microscope is 1 ¼” wide by 3¼” tall.... Read More
$21.75 each
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