Precipitator - 360' Spray Bottles

Precipitator 360' Spray Bottles
$7.95 each Weight: 0.1 lb

Size (Sprayers)


The Precipitator 360° ™ sprayer is equipped with a nozzle that freely rotates through a full 360 degrees and holds in position to spray in any direction. This feature allows you to create precision sprays at virtually any angle you need. So now you can spray up, down, under or over – effortlessly. The 360° nozzle has a stylish I-beam design that allows rotational and directional spray-ability. The nozzle is fully adjustable from intense stream to gentle mist for a more efficient application of liquids sprayed.  The bottle features a wide base that resists tipping and it has an ergonomic neck design that makes it easy to handle. Bottles are calibrated for easy mixing and have a 28/400 neck finish. The trigger puts out 1.3 cc per stroke which is a 30-40% higher volume than the average trigger sprayers. The dip tubes have a filter to prevent clogging and trigger damage.