Current industrial agricultural practices are failing and with rising gas prices, changes in climate, and the proliferation of GMO laden products, the only viable long-term solution is for individuals, families, and communities to come together to ensure quality local produce is available to everyone.

Indoor Farmer, is the result of a need to provide solutions for these issues and although, we started in 2012, the idea, skills, and experience were years in the making. At Indoor Farmer we provide not only a product but knowledge, experience, and assistance

Our motto is, "Solutions for a sustainable future.", because we believe that gardening, especially hydroponics, will be what we need in the present and future to obtain healthy-organic food, lower food costs, achieve a more sustainable society, and provide fresh produce at any time of the year. 

Our mission is to provide everyone with a venue in which to learn about and benefit from hydroponics; young or old, we believe everyone can experience the enjoyment of nurturing and harvesting their own plants whether it be lettuce, watermelon, or the sweetest of tomatoes in the middle of winter

*If you can't see a product your looking for, give us an e-mail or call and we'll look into getting it for you.* We will gladly help you in all aspects of designing your "growing space" from start to finish. We will work within your budget and design a system that will work for you, whether it be for the elementary school student looking to do a cool science project, a restaurant wanting fresh produce and herbs, or even the large greenhouse operation looking to switch over to hydroponics from a soil based system.