Introduction to Growing

a quick guide to growing your own food


Plants. You see them every day. They are all around us at all times. Plants provide us the oxygen we breathe and plants provide us the food we eat. Trees provide us shade on a sunny day and flowers are a beautiful thing to give a loved one.

But what is a plant? Plants are described as living multi-cellular organisms. Living multi-cellular organisms; that could even describe us humans and much like us humans plants need certain requirements to thrive.

Plants depend on five different variables for growth, those are: Air, Light, Water, Nutrients, and the Growing Medium.

Each of these aspects is an integral part of the growth of a plant and problems in one category will undoubtedly affect other categories as well as the speed and strength at which a plant grows.

But what makes up a plant?

A plant is made up four general parts: the vegatation, the roots, the stem, and the fruit/flowers.

Each is an important part of a plant and each has its own job to perform. The roots anchor the plant and intake nutrients and water from the medium. The stem transports water and nutrients to the leaves and vegetation from the roots as well as transporting nutrients to the roots from the leaves and vegetation.  The leaves perform, "photosynthesis", which is the basic chemical reaction that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy and carbohydrates. While the fruit or flowers purpose is to protect or spread the seeds of the plant for further propagation.

Each variable that affects the plant will affect the entire plant including the flowers and fruits. Keeping focused on these variables will allow you to figure out the dynamics of your system and will allow you to reach the full potential of your plants capabilities.

Ciao for now and happy growing!